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Financial Divorce Plan has offices in Pennsylvania and Florida, and serves clients nationwide.

Loretta Hutchinson CDFA™, NCC

The founder and owner of Financial Divorce Plan, Loretta Hutchinson is a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst™. She is also a Certified Financial Planner™.  Loretta was a regular guest host on the radio show Financial Issues and Answers discussing various financial topics including divorce planning. She has conducted workshops on such topics as Divorce, Financial Literacy and Transitions throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Loretta is also trained in Collaborative Divorce and is a Nationally Certified Counselor. As the financial contributor for Buckslocalnews.com, and the Advance of Bucks County, Loretta regularly shares her financial wisdom with her readers. She has also written financial articles for Buckscountywoman.com, a magazine for women.

A Future Based on a Financially Intelligent Divorce

Loretta uses her extensive financial expertise to help her clients navigate the financial aspects of divorce planning. She strives for a financially intelligent and thoughtful divorce with her clients, one that takes long-term interests into account – whether it is before filing for divorce, during, and after the divorcing process. By educating and advising her clients on all the financial aspects of their divorce, and what financial options will mean for them in the long-term, clients become better equipped to make sound decisions about the future for both themselves and their families.

A Unique Combination of Empathy and Financial Wisdom

Most financial advisors look at numbers as black and white. It’s a lot more involved than that.

As a Certified Financial Divorce Analyst™, Loretta will help clarify your assets and liabilities, calculate support requirements and help you assess your financial settlement options. She will take into consideration the implications of taxes when advising you on the division of your marital properties and pensions. This will help free up your mind to allow for the mental energy you need to focus on other important things; like being a great parent to your children during the process, being productive at work, or staying a good friend to your spouse.

With her background as a trained counselor, Loretta Hutchinson provides a unique combination of empathy and financial wisdom that few Certified Financial Divorce Analysts™ can offer. It probably goes without saying that as you go through the divorce process, you will have emotional ups and downs. Loretta knows how to listen and help you navigate both the emotional and financial aspects of your divorce.

Mentoring You through the Divorce Process

Divorce can be thoughtful and intelligent, and at Financial Divorce Plan financial literacy is our passion. Our goal is to mentor you through all the financial aspects of your divorce settlement. Loretta is a financial specialist and educator who is action-oriented, and who provides you with financial clarity and knowledge that will empower and move you through the steps. Check out our Frequently Asked Questions and Divorce Guides. You may also want to subscribe to our monthly Divorce eNewsletter.

Many individuals contact us when they are at the stage of contemplating the decision of filing for divorce. With proactive planning and advising, the divorce process can be less dramatic, timelier and potentially less costly.

A Divorce That Works for You and Your Family in the Long Term

Divorce is a pivotal time both emotionally and financially. Decisions are made that have a huge financial impact – on both your lifetime, and consequently, your children’s as well. Once the divorce decree is signed, it is final. It’s the law. It takes a lot to reverse these decisions.

Your quality of life starts with seeing your financial picture. This is why you have to determine what your numbers are going to do for you in your immediate future and over your lifetime. And for everyone, that’s something different. We will listen to your needs, educate you, and brainstorm with you on how to negotiate for a settlement that works for all future stages of your life. A thoughtful and intelligent divorce will take care of your long-term interests, and even factor in your retirement needs.

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